My 31-Year-Old Nephew “Died Suddenly” – My Reaction   Nelson Walters

May 15, 2023 | Blog Post | 1 comment

On January 15, 2023, my wife and I were listening to a great sermon at church when she got a call and stepped out of the sanctuary. Minutes passed and then more minutes. I knew something was wrong, so I went out to find her. Our Executive Pastor saw me leave and followed me out. “What’s wrong?” he asked. I told him Laura had gotten a call and not returned. My mother-in-law was in the hospital and my first thoughts were, “Oh, no, it’s Mary.” Then we saw my wife, running toward me, tears flowing. In my heart, I knew it had to be my mother-in-law.

“Spencer’s dead.” Her words floored me. The last thing I expected was that one of our nieces or nephews was taken. “They found him unconscious … and he’s gone.” The three of us cried and prayed and grieved. Two days later my mother-in-law left the hospital, but never to go home again. She had to move into assisted living. And then five days later, the best dog I ever had had to be put to sleep. Satan likes to kick us when we’re down.

Was Spencer’s death suicide, a fentanyl overdose, or was it … the vaccine. This week after the autopsy and toxicology report, we got an answer. The coroner said his heart was twice as big as usual and the myocardium around the heart was fibrous. Plus, he had brain inflammation. It’s the kind of thing people are seeing all over the world, young people dying suddenly from these same things. However, it wasn’t as clear-cut as I originally thought. It turns out further testing showed he had a genetic defeat as well that contributed. So, there was no “smoking” gun or needle, just a lot of questions.

But that doesn’t take Satan off the hook, the evil one himself who was a murderer from the beginning. I still feel the accuser had a hand in my nephew’s death. Was it a spiritual attack related to our ministry, Last Days Overcomers, in the same way, the murder of Job’s children was at Satan’s hands because of Job’s faithfulness – Job 1:18-19? Perhaps. It may have been an attempt to slow our ministry down.

If so, how do I feel? Well, at first, I felt numb. But then I was angry, righteous anger, not against politicians or pharmaceutical firms, but against Satan, who is the source of what we see happening. But rather than slowing us down, it incentivized me to become more prayerful, and more determined to reach the lost with the Gospel and awaken the Church.

Unfortunately, Satan is going to be quite busy harassing the people of God over the next few years. Prayerfully, your reaction will be the same, to do the things he hates, preach the gospel, and wake up the Church.

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  1. Mark Plummer

    Pain pain and more pain…..yet God choose us. To rejoice in suffering, to love the wicked, to rest in peace, and walk in joy. Today…during these days.
    God our Father strengthen your children for the battle and lead us to your victory.


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