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Apr 11, 2023 | Blog Post | 0 comments

Overcoming an Anti-Overcoming Mindset


This is going to sound odd.

It is.

But I think this is a core issue to being a Last Day Overcomer and STANDing FIRM in the last days. Please don’t judge me as being too unicorns and rainbows here, but deep in our core we need to know this is true. I believe there is an unspoken, maybe even inarticulable thought of this.

Are you ready?

We need to know God wants us to overcome.

He wants to tell you, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

I know, you might could say, “Oh course God wants to say that!” Yes, to think otherwise would be absurd—absolutely absurd, but though we know it is true, do you really think that God is cheering for that to be said of you?

Do you really believe God cares about you?

Do you really believe God prefers to celebrate our faithfulness rather than lambasting us with His judgment?

Do you really believe you have the worth in Christ to be one that can stand firm—one that could OVERCOME?

Again, to answer “no” is absurd and seems down-right silly, but if you’re like me there is a seed of something in the pit of your soul that sees God as the scolding Father rather than the supportive, personal cheering-section Father.

Maybe it is just me who has that unbiblical thought, but I don’t think it is.

I wanted to remind you that as you are on your journey to spiritually prepare to be a Last Days Overcomer, God wants you to overcome.

Along with God, the Last Days Overcomer team is cheering for you, too!

Out of a love for you and a passion for the Lord,

Jake McCandless

Team Last Days Overcomer


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