The Prophetic Puzzle

This 8 session video Bible study on the End of the Age is meant to be a warning and a wake-up call to those who profess His name.

These sessions are designed to be viewed in the order presented to get the most out of the material.The Prophetic Puzzle is an 8 week small group Bible Study taken from a conference featuring several Bible teachers and Marquis Laughlin as the host. 8 Sessions total running time: 480 Minutes. (Download)


Biblical end-of-the-age prophecy is like a jigsaw puzzle and all of the pieces must fit together perfectly to reveal God’s bigger picture of redemption. Many believers in Jesus Christ today sense that His return is coming soon. Unfortunately, the subject of His return and the spiritual preparation necessary to weather the coming great apostasy are rarely discussed in churches. God has given us prophetic details and instructions for a purpose and it is time to wake up and pay attention. The eight video sessions include: #1) The big Picture w/Jake McCandles. #2) Finding the Border Pieces w/Dana Crosby. #3) Finding The Border Pieces w/Dr. Michael Brown. #4) Grouping Simular Pieces w/Nelson Walters. #5) Deciphering The Clues w/Joel Richardson. #6) Searching For Lost Pieces w/Christopher Mantai. #7) Identifying The Picture w/Al Fadi. #8) The Unfinished Puzzle w/Tom&JoAnne Doyle, and Daniel Secomb.


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