REFLECTIONS on the Medical Profession – Sam “Fisherman” Fulcher, MD

Apr 17, 2023 | Blog Post | 0 comments

I recently retired as a physician after nearly 44 years. And I find my mind reflecting over that time hoping that I ran the race well.  I have a deep sense of joy from the Lord’s blessings over the years, but I also have a tinge of sadness from the realization that I have come to the end of one of life’s long chapters, similar to the tinge of joy and sadness I felt when our children left the home one by one.  I take comfort in the Lord in the realization that He has new things in store for me as a tool in His hand!

On further reflection, I have another concern, one with an edge. Physicians are trained to put the needs of patients above all else and to act in their best interest, given the information available at that moment.  Best medical practice is sometimes unclear, and there may be differences of opinion between physicians that are debated to reach a consensus after free and open discussion.  Open debate about options has been a hallmark of medical practice and is welcomed.  Differing opinions should be expected in the practice of medicine until scientific studies determine the outcome of a debate.

But during the Covid pandemic, everything changed. I have never observed the degree of disrespect for the scientific process of controlled trials to provide answers that we see today. The needs of patients above all were shoved aside to promote the needs of the government above all. Governmental agencies and professional societies have abandoned the traditional process in favor of predetermined agendas pushed from above.  Physicians with different opinions or who questioned the science and logic of unproven mandates were ridiculed, canceled, vilified, threatened with the loss of their license to practice, and were subjected to attacks as “anti-vaxxers”, “extremists”, “conspiracy theorists” or worse.  Fortunately, we are now seeing studies that validate many of the concerns that were criticized by our agencies and societies as “disinformation”.

The demonization of opinions that differ from official narratives is not confined to medicine but is now commonplace in all aspects of our society.  It reflects the suppression of freedom of speech or thought that varies from the government, media, and corporate narrative.  As a retired physician, it saddens me to see this, not only in medicine but in our country as well.  We will see the trend intensify as we near the day of redemption, but our battle is not against flesh and blood, but “against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places”!  These are responsible for the globalist mandates that limit our freedom, and this is where our prayers should be applied.

If we focus on the world’s decline, we may feel anger and sadness.  But if we instead focus and take comfort in the soon-to-come final outcome, the return of our Savior coming on the clouds, then we can gain the strength to persevere and to have joy in the midst of trial, and to become the “Overcomer” He wants us to be!


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